Thank You!

Hello! I recently went back onto my site here and found that students are still using it! That’s amazing!!! My apologies that I have not been updating it, as I haven’t been the SI. At any rate, thank you all for visiting the site, and utilizing its resources. I hope that you have found it helpful! I wish you all the best of luck on the coming final!

-Aaron, the former SI



The test and answer key are complete. Both are uploaded and online

Short Answers Added

Short Answers have been added to the Answer key.

Zoology Test Up!!!!!!

The test is up, as well as a partial answer key. Working on full answer key now. This will be out soon. The version of the test up now up is the Full version!

Partial Zoology Test

Work in progress, but mostly finished. will update when possible.

Zoology Test Late

Hi everyone. I am terribly sorry for the delay, this test is quite large and is taking a large amount of time. My apologies for the inconvenience. I will have it up as soon as possible for you to study with, and I will announce it here. For General Bio, your final and answer key already are online. Again, I will keep everyone posted, and best of luck to all Biology students in the coming days

-The SI

Zoology Si

Note: SI is up in the Testing and tutoring center.

Zoology SI on Friday

Hi everyone! The SI meeting will be this Friday at 11 am in the Testing and Tutoring center to start. To all who cannot make the time change, my sincerest apologies. I am available the whole weekend via this website, however. Further more, Ms. Pogue will be hosting a study session from 11:30 to 3:30 in Napa today, Thursday. Her contact info is Dr. Clemen’s email.  Finally, My aim is that by the end of this Friday, the Final Exam Practice Test should be up, as well as its answer key. Best of Luck everyone, and I hope to see you Friday!

Zoology SI will be Short Today

Hi everyone. I have awoken to encounter unforeseen circumstances that will prevent me from starting SI until at least 2:30. So, SI will be 1 hour shorter today. My sincerest apologies.

No Bio 120 SI Today

Hi everyone. Unfortunately I am not well enough to do the SI session today. My sincerest appologies. I will, however, have it on Thursday as scheduled. I hope to see you all then!