New Image Page

Hi everyone! As you’ve probably realized, we now are finally entering Biology. As Biology seems to have a love of visuals, diagrams and images will become more and more important. Therefore, by Monday (10/7/13) i will have a new page where important diagrams and images will be posted. They will be in PDF format so that you can print them out and write on them, if you wish. They will be hand-drawn, and I swear there will be legible labels! They will try to take a more step-by-step approach to a process, in the hopes that it will make clear the steps by which a process occur. I recommend taking a look at them, even if you know the process. Sometimes, I find that someone (myself included) forgets a little detail of a step that may turn out to be vital, or perhaps forget a step entirely. It’s nothing to feel bad about, these things are super complicated, so much so that you won’t be taught an unabridged process in this class. If you know it, Awesome! You’re already there. If not, then it’s a really simple fix. Again, it’s kinda slow, but it’s not because you guys can’t get it. If anything, you guys have proven to be an awesome class. Take pride!


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