Practice Test 3 is UP!

The new practice test, and it’s subsequent answer key, are now up. You can find the two in the documents section. This Tuesday, Nov. 12 (your day back after Veterans’ Day) I will administer it in SI. I am located upstairs in the Library, in the Testing and Tutoring Center. Just ask for the Biology SI or Aaron, if it’s you’re first time coming; They’ll know where I am. I’ll give out exams at 3:00, and, at around 3:45 to 4:00, I will start to go over answers on the test and answer any questions you may have along the way and after (I recorded that the last test took around 45 minutes to an hour, and this test is just about the same length). Normal SI sessions go until 5:00, but seeing as this is a big Exam, I will stay an extra half hour or so if anyone has any questions that still need answering (some take time). If you can only make part of it, I still encourage you to do so, particularly the latter half. You can even take the test before hand and come in for discussion. Doing it at the first half of SI makes it more time effective if you already put out that time for coming anyway. If you truly can’t make it, the answer key is on the website as well (as already noted above). I’ll be checking my website for questions from you guys. I wish you all the best of luck, and, as always, I’m rootin’ for you.

-The SI

  Look at me still talking when there’s Science to do…

                                              -GLaDOS, Portal, Still Alive


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