Monthly Archives: January 2014

So it begins!

Hi everyone! ┬áThe semester has finally begun, and I figured it would be a good idea to give a brief overview of this site. This is where you can come anytime and ask me questions about bio. Maybe you can’t make it to SI, or maybe you have a question that needs to be answered, like, within a day, because you have a test tomorrow and you’re trying to cram at 3am on 5 cups of coffee that are straight up injected into you from an IV. Well, that’s what the site’s for (Please note: the SI’s advice is to NOT cram at 3am in the morning with 5 cups of coffee. Nothing good can come of it, I promise.). All you have to do is comment under the Questions section. It’s that easy! If you need some practice tests, those will be put here, along with answer keys (which hopefully soon will include Burns’ practice test answer keys as well). I have a section titled “Visuals” that I’m working on expanding this year. It should prove useful in the coming months. Finally, sometimes you just can’t learn a subject from someone very well, for whatever reason. Everyone has someone they just don’t get, maybe due to the way they teach, or the fact that you hate them from 5th grade when they totally stole your Gogurt, or because they refuse to stop teaching in Sindarin Elfish. If so, there are links on this site that I’ve found to be pretty helpful from good bio sources.

Every so often I post about interesting organisms and fresh biology news, so check back here and who knows, maybe you’ll find something new! I also post some funny bio-related images, because everyone needs a laugh once in a while. The First SI session is this Thursday, so I hope to see you there! Remember, it’s 1-4pm, Thursdays (every week but holidays) in the Testing and Tutoring Center upstairs in the Library. I hope this turns out to be a great semester, and I wish everyone the best of Luck! I’m rootin’ for ya!

– The SI