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Sincerest Apologies

Hi Everyone,

I was about 10 minutes away from posting a complete test. I decided that I would add an essay page, but when I tried to add another section, the whole file turned into multiple languages and gibberish, wouldn’t respond, and now refuses to open. The chances of me having time to create a new one are desperately slim. I am terribly sorry to say that you most likely will not have a personalized test. In light of this, I would point out that 2 practice exams currently up on this site possess the questions from the material you are studying: Practice Exam 2 and 3. All questions are pertinent on 2, and questions 1-20 are applicable on 3. Their Answer Keys are also online. Also, Burns has her own practice test, accessible via her website. This must be how it feels like to be the cliche cop on TV shows who’s one day away from retirement and then has something terrible happen. In the event I can get it online, I will alert you, but this is very slim. I am truly and utterly sorry to everyone.