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Fresh Bio News!

Here’s some new news from the realm of Biology!


Bacteria using Far-Red-Light to Photosynthesize


New Evidence of Sympatric Evolution (A new species evolving inside of an existing population with no geographic barriers)


Animals may have more Language Structure than previously thought


Jurassic Mammals may have been picky eaters



Fresh Discoveries: Ants closer to Bees, Climate Change, and Organ Recovery from Blood Vessels



Climate Change:


Blood Vessels:

Fresh Bio News: Early Lizards, RNA Editing Sites, and More!

As you can probably, I really like Science Daily, but there are a ton of other awesome sites, too, like I fucking Love Science on Facebook.

Early Lizards


Songbird Syntax (yes, it’s a thing)


Beetle Builders


RNA Editing


Internal Tide Clocks (for some organisms)


Source of Tannins Found!

Hey Everyone! Tannins are a compound vital to wine making. It’s what gives body to red wines (white wines usually don’t have tannins because they’re not fermented on their skins and/or the white grape varieties weren’t bred to have many tannins).  But until now, we have had no idea where they originated in the cell. I thought this was a nice interest piece for here in Napa.–The-Tannosome/

Fresh News: Restoring Acid-Rain Damaged Forests, Insight into Explosion of Animal Life, and Dinosaur/Bird Wind Tunnel Tests

Acid-Rain Restoration:

Animal Evolution Explosion

Dinosaur/Bird Flight

The Effect of Environment Diversity on Biodiversity

New research into how much diversity in the environment is needed to promote good biodiversity.