Citizen Science

So! You want to contribute to the vast wonders of science, but you don’t know how? Sometimes finding an outlet is a mystery in itself! But lo! There is a place, or really, many places, where you can put your efforts into real science. Want to search for kelp forest shifts around the globe? Or transcribe the journals of WWI soldiers? Or maybe, Earth is too small, and you want to look for other worlds? You can do all of this and more! These are all from Zooniverse, which has a host of cool projects. I listed some here that are bio related, but there are many others!

Condor Watch – Help preserve the California Condor

Plankton Portal – Track plankton to monitor ocean health

Cell Slider – Lend a hand to Cancer Research

Worm Watch – Help unravel genetic mysteries

Seafloor Explorer – Catalog the seafloor ecosystem off the East Coast of North America

Floating Forests – Track the extent of Kelp Forests by California and Tasmania

Whales FM – Help researchers decipher whale language

Notes From Nature – Help museums digitize their collections for future use


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